Elsa Patton Before Plastic Surgery

There aren’t many pictures that exist on the internet of Elsa Patton before plastic surgery. We have managed to gather a few of them to illustrate the drastic overhaul of her looks. The old photos we have below show a beautiful woman who could very easy have been a model at some point in her life. Who knows, maybe if she hadn’t gotten any surgery done should could be an over 70 model now. The first picture shows a young Elsa at the pool. It’s an old photo, but you can see that she had a very exotic look that I’m sure was popular with the opposite sex. Even looking at the second photo where she is much older, she still is a very good looking older woman. She was a natural beauty and her looks probably would have grown old gracefully had she not had any plastic surgery. The Elsa Patton plastic surgery procedures have left her looking very unnatural, but let’s get back to the old Elsa Patton…

Photos of Elsa Patton Before Plastic Surgery

The last photo is a great side by side of the old Elsa Patton compared to the new one. It is hard to believe that it is even the same woman. It is equally almost as hard to believe that the person on the right is a woman at all. Her facial structure is so different that it looks like it could be make from silly putty or playdoh. It’s sad to say, but you could take her head and place it on a science fiction special effects table and it would not look out of place, but would look like an unfinished project. It is too bad the Elsa Patton before plastic surgery couldn’t meet the new one and tell her not to do it.


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