Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery Woes

If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery – one phrase should make you run away screaming – ‘Elsa Patton plastic surgery‘. Elsa Patton isn’t likely a household name, however those of us who have seen the ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ know her well. She is the mother of one of the ‘real housewives’, Marysol Patton. Elsa is an interesting woman. She is a self-proclaimed witch and her daughter also claims that she is a psychic (could she have meant psycho?). It’s too bad she didn’t use her witchcraft or psychic powers before she went in for plastic surgery. It would have saved her from the horrible decision it was to go under the knife. If you haven’t seen Elsa Patton plastic surgery photos then you are in for a shock.

Before Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery

If you were to look at pictures of Elsa Patton before plastic surgery she was actually quite a looker. There are very few pictures of her on the internet, but those that are found show that she was a naturally good looking woman. As the years moved on we can only imagine that Elsa didn’t take kindly to getting older and saw plastic surgery as an option. With lots of money to burn it was probably an easy decision. It’s too bad because she might still be a very attractive woman. We’ll never know.

Elsa Patton Plastic SurgeryElsa Patton Plastic Surgery Photos

Looking at photos of her today makes us think that Elsa must have been trying desperately to chase her youth because it looks as if she has undergone dozens of procedures. Her face has undergone so many that she barely looks human anymore and could pass for a puppet or plastic mannequin. Her operations have included a nose job, lip and facial injections and a brow lift. It is very obvious that she has undergone one too many facial and lip injection as that section of her face looks extremely abnormal. Many areas of her face are puffy, deformed and uneven. Now, no money in the world will get her old looks back. I’m sure even her daughter regrets Elsa Patton plastic surgery.

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